Tuesday, 8 November 2011


My Mum just got back from a trip down to Cornwall and brought me back a couple of bits + bobs. The first one is the Yves Saint Laurent colouring book, which is really sweet! It's a little pocket book full of beautiful prints and patterns. The designs are so unique.

Secondly, is some Oreo Jell-o! I can honestly say I've never tried real Jell-o before, even after numerous trips to the States. I mean, I've had jelly obviously but I'm guessing it's not quite the same? 
Well this is more of a pudding than a normal jelly. It's sets in just 5 minutes whereas jelly feels like it takes forever to set! 

Lets just say it tastes a lot nicer than it looks!

A very cheesy (and cringey) picture from the Tinie Tempah gig last night! Had such a fun night despite being elbowed several times. Another bonus is I managed to smuggle in my hip flask, so I only had to buy one extortionately priced coke to mix with it! Extremely cheap night!

I decided to wear my sheer blouse which I'm really thankful for, as it was ridiculously hot in the arena! 

Thursday, I'm going to watch the Christmas light switch on in Manchester. I've missed it every year so nothing's stopping me this time! I hope it's not a let down now ;) 

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  1. Suprisingly I can see that being nice.
    SO jealous of you being at Tinie Tempah! Saw him last year was soooo good!
    It would be mine

  2. Cute colouring book & I love the photos !

  3. The colouring book and the photos are lovely, great post! I look forward to reading some more. :)

  4. the colouring book is cute, i always wanted one of this.
    i absolutely love your shirt :)
    i love your blog- you have a new follower !