Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hair Mare

I can never decide how to have my hair. I've had the same style for ages and it bores me. Yet I've not got the courage (or should I say balls) to do something crazy and get it chopped off (well, some of it) So I guess the easiest way to update it is to style it differently. 

I'm not used to wearing my hair up, but at the moment it's necessary as my fringe has almost grown out and it's at that annoying in between stage.

I've not had a centre parting since I was about 12... it really doesn't suit me at all. I feel too exposed as well if that makes any sense at all. I dunno, it's fun to experiment I guess. And at least it can easily be put back into place. Unlike all the dye related disasters I've had over time.

Annnnd normality is restored.

I created another set. I love the colours, a bit of a tropical vibe going on. Perhaps not appropriate for Autumn but then maybe an injection of colour wouldn't do any harm...


RAW by jenkiln featuring skull earrings

Saying that, there are some lovely colours around right now. I took this from out of the window earlier today. The contrast between the greens and reds is beautiful :)


  1. I love the first way of styling your hair. Im forever trying new hairstyles, I chop mine all the time. Ive got short hait atm and I love it, plus it'll always grow back. I do like the centre parting though, very LLYMLRS ;) xxx

  2. Jen I am just like you, one minute I love my hair extra long, and the next I'm ready for a chop.leave it a day, and I forget about it! I daren't do it incase I don't like it. I think girls look so much better with longer hair. And your fringe is definitely TO DIE for!! x