Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lazy Sunday

Here's a few pics I took whilst wandering around the German markets. There's way too much tempting things to buy and eat! Including a slice of triple chocolate slab which left me feeling queasy... it doesn't follow sushi and liquorice very well!

This is my favourite stall by far. I could actually live off liquorice! 

I got some feather hair extensions! What do you guys think? They're very subtle. You only get 7 feathers per pack (not all of them are visible in the photo) I'm super bored of my hair and needed something to jazz it up without being drastic!

I got this ring today from a local vintage+textile fair for £4. I rarely wear rings so it's nice to find one I really love.

I bought small sizes of all the ingredients to make long island ice teas at home! (Coke's in the fridge) I'm experimenting with the quantities at the moment haha.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Chilling with the animals

Yesterday, me and a friend went to take a few photos at an animal sanctuary type place near where he lives. To get to it you have to walk down a public footpath, where you come across a small few different divided fields. I have no idea who they belong to but it was on public ground. Thank god we took our thermos flasks! It was so cold my feet went completely numb which made driving home interesting.

This pony was the sweetest little thing! He came over as soon as he saw us and wouldn't leave. Think he just wanted some attention (I'm presuming it was male!)

I met a friend for a Starbucks the other day and she bought me this adorable little Christmas tree ornament. For now it's sat looking pretty on a shelf. Can't wait to get the tree up!

At the moment I'm in the process of making my best mate a Christmas box. I've made her a box (always from Paperchase) up for Birthdays and Christmases for the past few years now. It's great for collecting little bits and bobs in. I threw in a couple of hand bag sized Soap+Glory products (her fav), some penguin socks (another Xmas tradition!) earrings, sweeties, a hair mask, lipgloss and a primer. I know I'll end up finding loads more things between now and Christmas, it's always the way!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I love parcels!

Oooh my parcel arrived from, filled with lots of nice treats (not all for me, but mostly).
I can't explain my obsession with American sweets. Most of them are so artificial tasting... which reminds me of how the sweets in Britain used to be when I was young, before they started using natural flavourings and whatnot. Nothing wrong with trying to make us healthy though I guess! 
Plus, it's one of my favourite places in the world. I have family there and always have such an amazing time when I go over. So I guess it's a kind of comfort thing to have treats that remind me of those good times.

Don't know if anyone remembers Pretzel Flipz? I loved them as a kid, but they sadly vanished off our shelves here!

I've always been a massive fan of the regular dots, so thought I'd give these ago. They didn't taste anything like candy corn. Very dissapointing!

Most delicious tasting lip balm ever!

A random picture from my trip across the pond over summer!

Also, a little package arrived from

I love the skull feature at the side! Gives them a certain edge. 

Geek chic? Debatable haha. Being a fellow spec wearer before having my eyes lasered, I hated wearing them. Having to rely on them to see well was annoying and inconvenient. So it's great to now have the option of wearing these as an accessory rather than necessity. Also, I'm a massive Ray-ban fan, and these have similar frames to the wayfarers.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Getting into the spirit

Arghhh my internet's been down a couple of days! Very frustrating. Anywho, it's currently up and running and I'm writing this post from my new MacBook Air! (yay) It's so lovely and light. And super fast compared to my old lappy. Very impressed to say the least.
It's taking me forever to transfer all my music and photos over though. I'll be much happier when that's all done :)

This week has flown by! Amongst working, shopping for pressies and having a nice stroll around the Christmas markets (oh and spending forever in the Apple store trying to get served to buy my shiny new MBA!), I can't say I've really done anything productive. 
I intended to take my camera to the markets with me but ended up rushing to leave. I'll probably be back next week though I'd imagine. It's hard to resist. One thing I did learn though was to go on an empty stomach (not full to burst on Nando's). Sausages, crepes, waffles, cookies, macaroons... you name it, they had a stall for it! I did cave into some liquorice, a slight addiction of mine. 

In my mug I had orange punch with rum! (Was supposed to be Jager but they were out) Pretty sickly sweet, but warming which is always good.

I have these pair of tights, which are long over due the time they needed throwing out, but I can't seem to part from them. They're only from Accessorize (I think, maybe in the sale too) and there seems to be no suitable replacement. It's annoying me now! So yeah, ignore the massive ladder in the bottom ;)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Out with the old...

Why is it that we get so attached to material items? It's so ridiculous but it just happens. 2 years ago I got my very first Macbook, but it's come the time that I fancy an upgrade. I feel really sad to part from it even though I'm basically just replacing it. And since they no longer make the iconic white Macbook, I've decided on an Air. Which suits me better and wont give me leg ache after it's been sat on my lap for a while! I had the same feeling when I got rid of my first car (it was REALLY old and didn't run very well, must be a sentimental thing right?)

Time to hit up eBay! Unless anyone wants a new laptop, or knows anyone that does!? It needs a nice loving home! Geez I sound like I'm selling a puppy or something. I also need to get rid of my old camera. Too much to do!

I  recently went with my friend to get her tattoo, which has made me really broody for another! I said to myself when I got my last one over 2 years ago, that that was going to be the last one! I already have 3 (which are all easily hidden) which I know isn't a lot, but I just don't want to end up regretting them as I get older. I'm mulling over it as I have no idea what I would get, but I'm pretty sure I know where I would get it. Either on my ribs, or on the inside of my upper arm. I'll end up looking at designs later I just know it...

This is the last one I got. I have a thing about birds, I just love them.

I've just made spicy butternut squash and sweet potato soup again. I'd make it everyday if it didn't take to long!

Has anyone seen the Carte Noire adverts? Me and a friend keep posting them back and forth on Facebook to each other! This is the latest one I've seen. If only Mr Cool existed in real life aye?

Sunday, 13 November 2011


I've been lazy with my posts recently, so I'm gonna do a biggish one to make up for it.

Firstly, here are some pics of the Christmas light switch-on the other day. It was pretty traumatising to say the least. Everyone was so rude, pushing and shoving. I didn't think it would be anywhere near as busy. Then I had endure performances from Tinchy Stryder and Nicola Roberts. Not really my cup of tea.

Finally after being crushed for over an hour an a half, the lights came on, followed by lots of lovely fireworks! Really impressive ones at that. Made up for all the standing around.

Our usual Saturday night chill out spot was unfortunately hired out for a private party, and there's not many local back-ups that are good for a social drink (as opposed to dancing for hours like a crazy person) so we ended up at TGI's. After a few cocktails and some shots of Patron, we asked the bartender to make us all a balloon hat! Never too old eh?

My new look in my new jumper!

This week I'm looking forward to the start of the Christmas markets! The stalls are always so amazing!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


My Mum just got back from a trip down to Cornwall and brought me back a couple of bits + bobs. The first one is the Yves Saint Laurent colouring book, which is really sweet! It's a little pocket book full of beautiful prints and patterns. The designs are so unique.

Secondly, is some Oreo Jell-o! I can honestly say I've never tried real Jell-o before, even after numerous trips to the States. I mean, I've had jelly obviously but I'm guessing it's not quite the same? 
Well this is more of a pudding than a normal jelly. It's sets in just 5 minutes whereas jelly feels like it takes forever to set! 

Lets just say it tastes a lot nicer than it looks!

A very cheesy (and cringey) picture from the Tinie Tempah gig last night! Had such a fun night despite being elbowed several times. Another bonus is I managed to smuggle in my hip flask, so I only had to buy one extortionately priced coke to mix with it! Extremely cheap night!

I decided to wear my sheer blouse which I'm really thankful for, as it was ridiculously hot in the arena! 

Thursday, I'm going to watch the Christmas light switch on in Manchester. I've missed it every year so nothing's stopping me this time! I hope it's not a let down now ;) 

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