Thursday, 24 November 2011

Chilling with the animals

Yesterday, me and a friend went to take a few photos at an animal sanctuary type place near where he lives. To get to it you have to walk down a public footpath, where you come across a small few different divided fields. I have no idea who they belong to but it was on public ground. Thank god we took our thermos flasks! It was so cold my feet went completely numb which made driving home interesting.

This pony was the sweetest little thing! He came over as soon as he saw us and wouldn't leave. Think he just wanted some attention (I'm presuming it was male!)

I met a friend for a Starbucks the other day and she bought me this adorable little Christmas tree ornament. For now it's sat looking pretty on a shelf. Can't wait to get the tree up!

At the moment I'm in the process of making my best mate a Christmas box. I've made her a box (always from Paperchase) up for Birthdays and Christmases for the past few years now. It's great for collecting little bits and bobs in. I threw in a couple of hand bag sized Soap+Glory products (her fav), some penguin socks (another Xmas tradition!) earrings, sweeties, a hair mask, lipgloss and a primer. I know I'll end up finding loads more things between now and Christmas, it's always the way!


  1. Gosh! Such beautiful photos. Good luck making the christmas box - such a lovely idea!


  2. Your photos are amazing! And the christmas box is such a good idea, so thoughtful!