Saturday, 19 November 2011

Getting into the spirit

Arghhh my internet's been down a couple of days! Very frustrating. Anywho, it's currently up and running and I'm writing this post from my new MacBook Air! (yay) It's so lovely and light. And super fast compared to my old lappy. Very impressed to say the least.
It's taking me forever to transfer all my music and photos over though. I'll be much happier when that's all done :)

This week has flown by! Amongst working, shopping for pressies and having a nice stroll around the Christmas markets (oh and spending forever in the Apple store trying to get served to buy my shiny new MBA!), I can't say I've really done anything productive. 
I intended to take my camera to the markets with me but ended up rushing to leave. I'll probably be back next week though I'd imagine. It's hard to resist. One thing I did learn though was to go on an empty stomach (not full to burst on Nando's). Sausages, crepes, waffles, cookies, macaroons... you name it, they had a stall for it! I did cave into some liquorice, a slight addiction of mine. 

In my mug I had orange punch with rum! (Was supposed to be Jager but they were out) Pretty sickly sweet, but warming which is always good.

I have these pair of tights, which are long over due the time they needed throwing out, but I can't seem to part from them. They're only from Accessorize (I think, maybe in the sale too) and there seems to be no suitable replacement. It's annoying me now! So yeah, ignore the massive ladder in the bottom ;)


  1. Would love a macbook! So jealous! Love your cardi x

  2. Oh Jen you always manage to look so amazing! On the first photo I was thinking 'how does she not freeeeze with bare legs'.. Then i saw the tights, which i can understand why you can't part with them! You are always looking so so lovely.
    Jealous too of your new mac! xx

  3. Ahh I want there to be a Christmas market in Newcastle! You're so pretty and I love your Converse and cardigan.