Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I love parcels!

Oooh my parcel arrived from, filled with lots of nice treats (not all for me, but mostly).
I can't explain my obsession with American sweets. Most of them are so artificial tasting... which reminds me of how the sweets in Britain used to be when I was young, before they started using natural flavourings and whatnot. Nothing wrong with trying to make us healthy though I guess! 
Plus, it's one of my favourite places in the world. I have family there and always have such an amazing time when I go over. So I guess it's a kind of comfort thing to have treats that remind me of those good times.

Don't know if anyone remembers Pretzel Flipz? I loved them as a kid, but they sadly vanished off our shelves here!

I've always been a massive fan of the regular dots, so thought I'd give these ago. They didn't taste anything like candy corn. Very dissapointing!

Most delicious tasting lip balm ever!

A random picture from my trip across the pond over summer!

Also, a little package arrived from

I love the skull feature at the side! Gives them a certain edge. 

Geek chic? Debatable haha. Being a fellow spec wearer before having my eyes lasered, I hated wearing them. Having to rely on them to see well was annoying and inconvenient. So it's great to now have the option of wearing these as an accessory rather than necessity. Also, I'm a massive Ray-ban fan, and these have similar frames to the wayfarers.

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