Monday, 17 October 2011

Winter is coming

Despite the cold, cold weather, this weekend it was quite pleasant. The sort of weather, if you wrap up well, its perfect for a stroll. The winter sun is so harsh though. Not that I'm complaining! Wont be putting my sunnies away just yet.

At least I got to wear my new snood! 

There's something so relaxing about baking on a sunday. I decided to make lemon cupcakes and then I cut out a small groove in the top and filled it with lemon syrup.

And finally decorated it with lemon buttercream (I know lemon overload!) And some sprinkles. They turned out pretty tasty :)

Now I'm off to nibble on one with a cup of tea.
Also if anyone knows where I can buy a nice full length maxi skirt from, then please send me a link! I've been trawling the shops for weeks and I'm yet to find a decent one. xo


  1. Love your snood! And your tee is a gorgeous colour, I love this colour at the minute!
    The cakes look ever so yummy, although I'm put off cupcakes because I seem to bake them allll the time! Yours are definitely better :-)
    Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog Jen! I love your photo's and stories.x