Monday, 5 December 2011

Pre-Christmas detox time?

This is how my weekend started...

(I used my blue foam by the way!)


On Saturday we (me + the bf) for his works Christmas do. We got there about mid afternoon and found a nice little cafe to get a bite to eat. Then went back to the manor place to drink mulled cider. Personally I can't stand cider so decided to drink a few Soco + lemonades instead to keep warm. After that I got changed and ready for the meal which started at 7, but the food wasn't served til about 9ish. By then (bad idea for an open bar) it's safe to say I was pretty far gone.
So Sunday was interesting. When will I ever learn...

It started to snow just as we were leaving! 

Aww, I'm so chuffed about this! I'm definitely going to plan a trip up to Edinburgh to visit them! Maybe towards summer when it's not deathly cold!?


  1. I spy you have on your beautiful shooooes! And I love your dress (maybe because I received this in the post this week too!) it's such a beaut. and you look gorgeous in it!x

  2. Aww i love that pandas ^^
    your blog is so cool and you're so pretty!
    I'm following